LLU Research Web Site


Resweb is a web server implemented to support the research endeavors here at Loma Linda University. It allows those researchers who have approval from their department chairs to host a research related website at LLU available for public viewing.


The researcher’s web site should adhere to the following:

·             The web site is maintained by the researcher and should contain information pertinent to the researcher’s work.

·             The web site is not meant as a personal web site although some personal content is acceptable.

·             The web site is not meant as an alternative to the Blackboard Learning System. Class content and curriculum should be maintained within Blackboard.

·             The web site content must not violate LLU policy. It is the responsibility of the researcher/school administration to ensure content is acceptable.



To get an account, go to mssweb.llu.edu/access-request.pdf.

·        Fill out the form and return to Del Webb room 107.

o       On the form select “Other Access”.

o       Fill in the explanation box denoting a research web account.

·        Resweb accounts require the approval of the department chair.


You will be given a username and password to the web server after the account is set up.


You can maintain your website by using an FTP client that supports FTPS.

·        Examples of FTP clients that support FTPS are CuteFTP and FTP Voyager.

·        Using your FTP client and the supplied credentials, FTPS to resweb.llu.edu. FTPS uses port 21.

·        Set your FTP client for “SSL explicit encryption”.

·        Upload your web files using FTPS to the web server.

·        Make sure your first page is named index.htm or default.htm.


View your website

·        To view your website, use a web browser and go to http://resweb.llu.edu/<your user name>