The Neidigh Research Group

The Neidigh research group is dedicated to increasing our understanding of biomolecule function and using that knowledge to improve the treatment of human diseases. We use an array of powerful research tools including NMR spectrosocpy, mass spectrometry, and ab initio calculations to investigate the properties of proteins and nucleic acids. Our current projects focus on understanding the cellular pharmacology of nucleoside analogs that inhibit DNA methylation in mammalian cells, further elucidation of the mechanism whereby the chemotherapy agent gemcitabine inhibits DNA polymerization, and the design of a peptide inhibitor of the Human Pappiloma Virus protein E6 that can be used to treat cervical cancer.

This web site is currently under development. In order to learn more about research within the Neidigh research group and opportunities to participate, please contact Prof. Neidigh by email, phone (909-558-1000 x48559) or at the following address:

Jonathan W. Neidigh
Assistant Professor
Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology
School of Medicine
Loma Linda University
Loma Linda, CA 92350