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Janelle Shives: fifth year Master's degree student

Behavior and physiology of hermit crabs during burial: shell abandonment and lactate accumulation

Click here to open her Thesis (pdf)


Shives, J. and Dunbar, S. G. 2010. Behavioral response to burial in the hermit crab, Pagurus samuelis: implications for the fossil record. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology. 388: 33- 38 Link to PDF

Dunbar, S. G., Shives, J., and Boskovic, D. 2017. Lactate accumulation in the intertidal hermit crab, Pagurus samuelis, in response to burial-induced hypoxia. Journal of Crustacean Research 46: 121 – 136. Link to PDF




Janelle is investigating hypotheses regarding the lack of hermit crabs found in association with gastropod shells in the fossil record. Although many gastropod shells are found throughout the fossil record with evidence that they have been "hermitted" (Walker & Carlton, 1995), questions remain as to why so few hermit crabs are found.

Janelle's work focuses on the behaviors of Pagurus samuelis in various conditions of burial stress. She is also using innovative techniques to investigate fossil gastropod shells that may hold hermit crabs that have not previously been recognized by museum curatorial staff.