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Tracey Magrann: PhD student


Factors affecting phytoplankton biodiversity and toxin production in Southern California lentic habitats.

Click here to open her Dissertation (pdf)


Magrann, T., Dunbar, S.G., Boskovic, D.S., and Hayes, W.K. 2012. Impacts of Microcystis on algal biodiversity and use of new technology to remove Microcystis and dissolved nutrients. Lakes & Reserviors: Research and Management. 17: 231 - 239. Link to PDF

Southern California Coastal Waters Research Project, 2009. Find out more here.
Southern California Academy of Sciences, 2009. Find out more here.
Newport Bay Naturalists and Friends, 2009. Find out more here.
Marine Research Group, LLU, 2009.
Friends of Madrona Marsh, 2009. Find out more here.
El Dorado Audubon Society, 2009. Find out more here.
Sea and Sage Audubon Society, 2009. Find out more here.
Blue Water Technologies, 2009. Find out more here.
Friends of Calavera, 2009. Find out more here.

Tracey's research involves developing a new water treatment program to reduce the levels of toxic algae in man-made lakes. By installing water treatment plants to remove phosphate, she hopes that algae levels will be greatly reduced thereby making the lakes healthier for the birds, fish, and other organisms that live there. Mason Lake in Irvine is currently being treated and she is using Eastlake in Yorba Linda as a control (non-treated) lake. Newport Back Bay is near Mason Lake and may also be contaminated with the toxic algae.





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