2006 Conferences

2nd Sea Turtle Husbandry Symposium (STHS)
Galveston, Texas, USA
May 20-21, 2006


Conference Abstracts

Bacchus, M-L.C., Dunbar, S.G and Self-Sullivan, C. Characterization of resting holes and their daily and nightly use by Antilean manatees Trichechus manatus manatus in the Drowned Cayes, Belize. The 10th Congress of the Mesoamerican Society for Biodiversity and Conservation. 28 October - 3, November, 2006. Antigua, Guatemala.

Nisani, Z., Dunbar, S.G., and Hayes, W.K. The metabolic cost of regenerated Parabuthus transvaalicus venom and its protein content. 13th Annual Meeting of the American Arachnological Society. 17 - 21, June, 2006. College of Notre Dame, Maryland, USA.