1999. Australian Marine Sciences Association Conference. University of Melbourne, Vic. Australia. July 6 - 9.

2000. International Conference on Integrated Coastal Area Management and its Integration with Marine Sciences. St. Petersburg, Russia. September 25 - 30.

At this conference I presented a talk entitled "Respiratory, osmoregulatory, and behavioral adaptations to tropical intertidal stress as determinants of distribution in tropical marine hermit crabs."

Winter Palace
Sabine and Stephen Dunbar at the Winter Palace, St. Petersburg

Smolny Cathedral. Photo: S.S. Dunbar

2001. Fifth International Crustacean Congress and "Summer" 2001 meeting of The Crustacean Society.

This was a fabulous conference! The anomuran symposium was arranged by my friends and colleagues, Dr. Rafael Lemaitre and Dr. Chris Tudge. I presented the paper "Marine hermit crabs as indicators of freshwater inundation on tropical shores." (Dunbar, Coates and Kay, 2003). 

S. Dunbar at Fifth ICC Group
Left: Presenting at Fifth International Crustacean Congress; Right: Hilde Nacorda (Phil), Stephen Dunbar, and Dr. Chris Tudge (SI).

For this talk I was presented with a "best student presentation award," cash award, a membership to The Crustacean Society, and a two-year subscription to the Journal of Crustacean Biology. The conference was a great opportunity to get to know many of the people whose work I admire and give them a chance to comment on my own work.