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NSCI 205: Intro to Field Tropical Marine Biology, May 5-28, 2008

We spent four weeks studying the basics of marine biology here at LLU. This course was a prerequisite to a week-long field trip in the Bay Islands, Honduras at the Reef House Resort August 10 - 17, 2008. Snorkel, dive, swim with sea turtles and learn about coral reef environments with LLU Marine Biologist, Dr. Stephen G. Dunbar.

anemoneBlue Tang


BlueOrangeFishBrain Coral


ChristmasTree CoralCollection of Vase Sponges


conchDecorator Crabs


Dive MasterHard Coral


Orange CoralPurple Coral

Reef SharksSchool of fish

Sea CucumberSpiny Lobster

Sponge and FishSponge Large

SpongeVase Coral

Xestospongia SpongeYellow-striped fish



Yellow FishPurple Sponge